Post Punk Liverpool: Ten Tales of Tea Shop Delirium.

1976. An eccentrically creative theatre director, Ken Campbell, has chanced upon Robert Anton Wilson’s “Illuminatus!,” a brain-tangling trilogy of novels examining colossal conspiracy theory in minute detail. It strikes Campbell as ideal for theatrical adaptation, and it becomes the source text for an imminent production. He puts the idea to a local set designer, Bill … Continue reading

Staring At Beer

The only way to prove a small point to myself, it seemed, was to spend several weeks staring at a bottle of beer. It was not unbroken staring, you understand; indeed, there may only have been a few sly stares per week, but it was always the same beer. I had a suspicion that it … Continue reading

No Frills Chicken Curry

“One pot and it’s dinnertime, two pots and it’s Christmas!”     You will need… Vegetable oil Eight chicken thighs Three medium onions At least half a bulb of garlic One red chilli, finely chopped, with seeds left in. Turmeric  (mainly to enrich the colour) One tablespoon and one teaspoon of cumin seeds Half a … Continue reading