Who Do We Blame For This?

Mike Stoddart joined the wine trade in 1999, in the absence of a proper job, and has for some years managed a wine merchant’s shop in suburban Liverpool. He wrote copy for the company website, until the emphasis drifted from words, although his weekly customer e-mails continue to bring amusement to many. Some of their recipients encouraged him to start his own blog, and it is to them that this is roughly aimed, although anybody else who might also wish to ignore it is more than welcome to join in. He loves jazz as well as wine, so what place he thinks he has on the internet is anybody’s guess.


4 thoughts on “Who Do We Blame For This?

  1. Never mind Days of Wine and Roses…Nights of Wine and Vinyl sounds much better….A good Patagonian Malbec works wonders with Bobo Stenson.

  2. The chicken curry looks great – I admire your stance on coriander and cumin being non-negotiable ingredients! Please post some more one-pot wonders soon!

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